TrackSpy's Simplicity - Your Ease! Why is TrackSpy different?

Our approach is unique; instead of giving you a 2 dimensional video, we access the rich dataset from your car and phone for comparison and to allow analysis.

TrackSpy goes way beyond simple video recording and playback; we overlay the information you want to see. Plus, you join a global community of committed driving enthusiasts using TrackSpy to compare and improve your on-track technique.

Trackspy Simples

Forget hours on the computer editing and rendering video, you just focus on your driving line and upload to TrackSpy and we take care of the rest.

The only limits are your phone's technology and that is advancing all the time, so get on board with TrackSpy and join a group of dedicated sports-driving enthusiasts. You will learn to become a better driver and make some friends along the way.

Join TrackSpy for the journey!

Your Passion, Our precision and simplicity

Data logging is an essential part of modern motorsport and now, with TrackSpy, you can access the information that will help you become a better driver.

You don't just get the most accurate GPS-based speedo, acceleration and G-force readings (depending on your mobile device). You can also get the engine speed, throttle position and more through the OBD-II dongle that slots directly into the vehicle's diagnostic port and unlocks the vast array of information held within every modern car's ECU.

Get the knowledge you need to become a better, faster, safer driver.

TrackSpy is the Ultimate motorsport DashCam with features Added Weekly. Get It Now!